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Home Automation

Audio-Video Salon is the leader in total home integration technology. We are one of the few companies to offer the next generation of controls with integrated web and streaming media features. Let AV Salon install in-wall touch panels or wireless touch screen remote controls which set the standard for controlling audio, video, lighting and shades.

What used to seem to be a luxury may now be a necessity. Some people experience a "techno-phobia" when they think of a complicated entertainment system. But imagine a home theater with a single remote control: you lightly press the word "Movie" on the touch sensitive screen and the shades are drawn, the lights are dimmed, the projection system turns on along with the surround-sound system . . .and the movie begins.

The Audio-Video Salon has been involved in home automation systems from the very beginning and is pleased to offer ways to make the most advanced home entertainment a lot easier, and a lot more fun as well. Finally, the kids won't be the only ones who can use the new entertainment system

3D Home Theater

The time has come: your home theater can surpass the performance of a movie theater or the experience of being at Yankee Stadium. These systems have come so far since their introduction that there is no question that the experience in your living room can easily rival and surpass the public theater experience. Wait until you experience real 3D at the Audio Video Salon.

A home theater is comprised of a large screen television (LCD, LED, Plasma, or Video Projection Systems), combined with a multi-channel, surround-sound system. It's unquestionably the most complicated home entertainment available, but you have no need to research the finer points of discrete Dolby™ Digital 5.1 Surround Sound versus DTS™ Surround Sound  versus THX™, and so on. Audio-Video Salon has done it all for you. We will teach—and even better–show you the way to real home entertainment excitement. You may never again stand in line at a movie theater.

If a picture paints a thousand words, a home theater system from Audio-Video Salon may render you speechless.

Multi Room Custom Installation

AV Salon will assist you in planning, designing, and installing the ideal home entertainment system—whether you're building a new home, renovating, or just looking to consolidate your entertainment systems and hide all those wires.

AV Salon is proud of the craftsmanship and innovation we have brought over the years to the art of custom multi-room installations. Whether you prefer to listen to the same musical source, such as CDs, satellite radio, streaming media or FM radio in all of your rooms or different sources being played simultaneously, our professional team will work with you personally and/or with your architect, interior designer, or general contractor to deliver a multi-room solution that suits your lifestyle. We feature Sonos Wireless Music Systems.

Ultra Flat 3D Capable Video Displays

For sheer visual impact, nothing beats a wide screen, high-definition television not to mention true 3D. Whether you're watching high-definition cable, bluerays or computer gaming, your favorite tv show, or the Knicks, the Super Bowl or Live from Lincoln Center; the image created on a high-definition wide screen video display just commands more of your attention.

AV Salon stocks and displays a complete selection of top rated, high performance LCD, LED, Plasma and Video Projection Systems.

Two-Channel Music Reproduction Systems

For the person seeking the ultimate in accurate music reproduction, AV Salon can assist you. We know that many people still enjoy their LP record collections, as well as the new high resolution audio formats such as SACD, DVD Audio, and Streaming Audio Services. AV Salon's two channel stereo systems can deliver that spine tingling sensation that replicates the total emotional involvement of the live music experience. We will assist you in delivering high quality sound at a cost effective price.

Telephone Systems

AV Salon offers the most innovative and reliable telephone/intercom systems available today. You can choose the latest in digital technology, including on location, cordless cellular capability. In other words, cordless phones for your home system that are absolutely static and dropout free. We will design, deliver, program and maintain all aspects of your system.

Computer Networking

One of the key factors involved in AV Salon's ability to custom integrate all the electronics in your home is the concept of convergence. Any and all electronic devices, wired or wireless computers, game consoles, IPODS, IPADS, the internet, video systems, on and on, can be completely integrated into your home electronics universe. Whether simple or complex, our professional designers, programmers and installers will assist you in the implementation and maintenance of your system. We also install Wifi Systems.

Audio Video Furniture

The AV Salon can deliver furniture, cabinets, equipment closets, and built-ins based on your specifications. From high tech to traditional, we are accustomed to working with architects and designers. You can also choose from a wide selection of ready-made cabinets, wall units, and racks to accent or hide away your equipment.

Contact Audio Video Salon Today to find the best system for your specific needs.